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Our Vision is to enable product teams to build better products through world-class software that facilitate product team communication in a design-driven approach.

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Who we are

Alexis Piperides

Co-founder / CEO

Alexis Odysseos

Co-founder / CTO

Anna Mitsinga

Product Owner

Angelos Constantinou

Senior Solutions Architect

Antigoni Mios

Operations Manager

Marios Christou

Senior Software Engineer

Akis Ioannou

Customer Support Manager

Irene Fotiou


Christos Chatzikkos

Creative Media Specialist

George Stratis

Software Engineer

Konstantinos Vitoratos

Digital Advertising Specialist

Andria Aristodemou

Customer Support Specialist

Sakis Evangelou

Front End Developer

George Odysseos

Account Manager

Savvas Sheittanis

Front End Developer

Pantelis Panayiotou

Front End Developer

Xenia Ioannidou

Front End Developer

Naso Kazazi

Office Administrator

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