Introducing 6

Prototyping reimagined

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Redesigned UI

We have completely redesigned the entire platform's UI to be easier and more intuitive. The new interface brings core features to the forefront, meaning the tools you work with the most are immediately accessible. redesigned UI editor

Animation Timelines Reimagined

Motion plays an increasing role in many of today's most popular mobile apps. In 6, the new State Transitons feature makes it easy for anyone with no design or coding skills to create beautiful animations in no time. You can now preview animations right in the editor as you craft your motion design.

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New Single-click Sharing

We've considerably improved our sharing process, allowing you to securely share your prototypes with a single click.

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New App for
iOS and Android

We've redesigned our mobile app to enhance the experience of previewing your prototypes on a mobile device. We've also improved the offline previewing functionality that makes viewing prototypes without having an Internet connection easy. app on an iPhone device app on an android device

Interaction Design Patterns

This new feature makes it easy to apply some of the most popular Interaction Design Patterns to your prototypes, like slide-in menus, onboarding screens, scrollable content screens, pull to refresh and much more. All you have to do is add them to your project, customize, and you're ready to go.

Interaction Design Patterns

Interaction Wizard

Adding interactions is now faster and easier. Just drag and drop a connection from the Interaction Wizard icon onto UI components, containers, screens, and states - and like magic, a smart, configurable interaction is automatically generated for you.

Interaction Wizard

User Testing Integration now supports popular user testing platforms like and UserZoom. Build your prototype and test it with real users - immediately! player showing comments functionality Lookback, User testing, UserZoom logos

Visual Screens Navigator

The Screens Navigator lays out all your screens on a single page for rapid overview while simultaneously allowing you to rename, sort and organise your screens as you see fit.

Sort editor - Visual Screens Navigator

Single Click Exporting

You can now get a beautifully crafted PDF document laying out all your screens or a zip file containing PNG screenshots in just a single click. There's no need to process the screenshots yourself - it's all done for you.

Illustration showing single click exporting

New UI Text Component

The new rich text component lets you take control of your text in ways you never thought possible. Want one letter to be blue? Another yellow? How about different text sizes or multiple web fonts in the same element? With 6, you can do all of this and more.

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