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Artboards, groups, and layers appear right in place on your screen canvas ready for interactive animation.

Link screens

Start by adding simple interaction areas to transition screens into user flows. editor showing linking between screens
Mobile device showning prototype navigation between screens

Add interactions

Add gestures such as swipe, drag, scroll, tap & hold to any layer and create any interaction you can imagine. editor showing interactions
Mobile device showning a carousel scroll interaction

Add animations

Use's animation timeline and states to create prototypes that feel real. editor showing how to get a psd design into an animated prototype
Mobile device showning an animation

Keep your design in sync with your prototype

Your artboards are imported as individual screens.

Layers and groups hierarchy is preserved.

Export your whole design in one go or only certain artboards.

Export as many times as you want, what you want, even individual assets.

Continue working on your design even after you import it in

Assets are updated while their interactions or animations are kept safe.

Take our sample prototype for a spin

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About Asset Flow

Transfer your designs from Photoshop and Sketch into Sync your assets automatically through Dropbox sync.

We've done away with all the click, click click so that you can start giving life to your static designs in a smooth, unified asset flow.

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