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User Research. Testing. Walkthroughs.

We've integrated Lookback's mobile screen recording tool right into the iOS app. Each tap, swipe, or click area is captured and visualized. Even record one's voice and the facecam for video comments.

Get user feedback, early!

No more guessing how users would interact with your prototype. Get user feedback early on and refine your design and user flow before development. Test any fidelity prototype right on a native device.

Compare alternative prototypes

Trying to decide between two alternative designs for the same prototype? See how users perform in each one and compare your findings to identify the best choice.

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Create walkthroughs

Record yourself using and talking about your prototype. Share the walkthroughs with stakeholders. Your prototype is presented just the way you want it.

Quote: 'Research shows that just 5 test users are enough to discover 85% of usability problems' - Nielsen Norman Group

It's simple to set up.

Just connect your account to an existing or new Lookback account and just turn video recording ON when sharing your project. That's it!

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