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Take rapid prototyping to the next level.

Create prototypes and wireframes in minutes with Proto.io's customizable Templates.

Endless combinations.

Templates offer a wide variety of fully customizable blocks and elements, including all the popular options, such as:

  • Headers
  • Footers
  • Body
  • Product Catalogues
  • Sign-in forms
  • Check out forms
  • Social feed
  • Blog interface
  • News feed

Mix and match templates to prototype any kind of website or app; from blogs and news portals, to corporate websites and online storefronts.

Faster prototyping.

Visualizing your idea has never been quicker. Just combine the elements you need, add interactions and create wireframes and prototypes in minutes.

Design consistency.

Not a design expert? No problem! Template elements have been designed to work together in any combination. No matter how many screens your website or app has, templates ensure consistency throughout your design.


Templates have been designed to offer a smooth user experience throughout your prototype. No second guessing!

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