Use fonts directly in

Plus a revamped Font Manager

Being one of the most requested features, Adobe fonts are now available in, along with our existing Google Fonts integration. In addition, you can now upload your own web fonts (including the ones you created) to maintain brand consistency.

Our revamped font manager, allows you to manage your fonts like never before.

Choose your favorite font library.

Whether you're a Google Fonts fan, or have an Adobe cloud account, we've got you covered. You can bring in fonts from your favorite libraries into any project, using our revamped Font Manager.

Ensure design consistency.

Upload your own web font files in to ensure brand consistency, or give a personal touch to your projects with custom made fonts, created by you.

Revamped Font Manager.

Search across different font libraries to bring in fonts to use in your projects, right within our Font Manager. Filter by category and style to easily find the font you're looking for.

A new text styling UI.

You can now preview your fonts right from the font selection dropdown, and if you have hundreds of fonts in your project, you can easily find what you're looking for with our new search functionality.

Start your free trial today and create prototypes using the perfect fonts.


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