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Transform your static designs to fully interactive prototypes faster than ever

We're excited to announce that now supports Dropbox syncing, as the newest addition to Asset Flow. Asset Flow is a suite of features that makes it faster and easier for designers to turn their static design assets into fully interactive prototypes.

What can I do with and Dropbox sync?

Use tools you already know

Dropbox sync enables design teams to keep using the tools they love, like Photoshop and Sketch, while working together in a shared Dropbox.

Make it easy to work together

Design teams use Dropbox because it makes working together simple. There's no second guessing on the latest version of a file and anything saved to a shared folder is instantly updated on everyone's devices.

Update designs in one-click

Update the color of a button, the font of a headline or retouch a photo. Simply export your design assets in Dropbox and see update automatically, keeping all of your interactions and animations intact.

Stay organized

Finally, an easier way to organize your design assets -- in folders, in your Dropbox the way you like it.

About Asset Flow

Dropbox sync was followed by two more highly requested features like tighter integration with Photoshop and Sketch, these plugins make working with ever faster.

They all fit together to give you a suite of asset flow.

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