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Can't even begin to say how much I love @protoio for quick and dirty experience iterations
I've been dabbling with prototyping demos. Based on the demos alone, @protoio has the best WYSIWYG editor for gesture animations.
Finally got to use @protoio for prototyping the next gen of the @pinnatta app and it's great. Good job, guys.
@protoio what attracted me to proto.io is its perfect web UI before even trying the tool "These guys know what they're doing"
My latest obsession --> http://t.co/JZKRlcaPVI
proto.io is a great tool for prototyping mobile apps that supports animations. Truly a worthy prototyping solution @protoio

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#5 Swarm – Prototyping the most popular apps!

16 September, 2014

Proto.io “Prototyping the most popular apps” is a series of videos where we recreate popular UI’s and interactions with Proto.io.

From the instructor (Constantinos Demetriadis):
Foursquare’s latest application introduced a new way to turn on specific functionality in the app.
They used a sliding switch on the header, which toggles neighborhood tracking. This was interesting to build as you only have a single container which changes depending on the status of the tracking functionality.

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