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Loving @protoio for prototyping my mobile app
Great work @alexispiperides and team with @protoio! Best prototyping tool on the web. Must have! http://t.co/uvrcSRlIVh
@protoio Digging the recent changes guys, keep it up!
The more I use @protoio the more I love it. Our team decided to use it for our capstone project. Great features and great support.
Finally spending some time with @protoio. Robust set of tools for a protoyper. Will get a lot of use out of this.
Newly converted proto.io user. Great user interface, perfect for new prototypes across mobile, tablet or browser: http://t.co/lEYmiDnGLy

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#2 Facebook Paper – Prototyping the most popular apps!

23 July, 2014

Proto.io “Prototyping the most popular apps” is a series of videos where we recreate popular UI’s and interactions with Proto.io.

From the instructor (Constantinos Demetriadis):
For the second installment, I replicated Facebook’s Paper app, and more specifically, how the front page carousel works. Changing sections triggers the stories to scroll, and that was something I wanted to see happen in Proto.io.

Facebook Paper prototype

Proto.io Paper ep.1
For the first episode I worked on the carousel and the pager.

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